Adventures in Cheese

A chronicle of my journey to London to work in a well-known British cheese shop.

Monday, December 05, 2005


Saturday was an even busier day at the shop. I thought I was skilled at making myself small after working in various tiny kitchens, but this is a whole new challenge. With up to eight mongers behind a short full counter, only robotic, elbows-locked-in sort of movements allow you to do the job. Even so, there's tons of crossover as you reach for a cheese, go to the register, grab a piece of wrapping. I started with a lot of "excuse me"'s, "may I"'s and "sorry"'s, but finally gave up and took everyone else's tactic of moving freely into other people's space and excusing any incursions into your own. At least there aren't any hot pans or chef's knives to worry about.

Yesterday was my day off so I went and brunched with a friend of a friend in Camden (ominous name for me, but in fact a fun neighborhood). After that went to the Marleybone High Street farmer's market and stumbled upon Le Fromagerie (a beautiful cafe that sells all sorts of cheese, chocolates, chaucuterie, etc.).

Afterwards went to a rooftop cookout hosted by another American working at Neal's and attended by all sorts of expats. Drank Gluwine (?) - sort of like hot sangria - and managed not to be hungover today.


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